09 February 2011


I knew the travelling and coming back to Cape Town/university life would mean less posting. I really want to try keep this up, although I'm sure once I'm back at varsity all I'll have to post about is news articles I come across or lecture highlights - not very exciting sadly, not to mention the fact that I still need to do my Sky to Ground 3 post...

I got back last week after a very crazy time in Delhi. Of course the week since my return has been even crazier and busier. It's great to be back though. I forgot how beautiful Cape Town is. Transport's been problematic so we've been walking a lot, can't really be complaining. One look at the mountain from across the Rondebosch Common is enough to make you smile on a bad day. Cheesy but I lie not. It's absolutely stunning over here in summer. Hopefully we're going to Kalk Bay tomorrow so that should be lovely. Anyway, this post is just to make myself feel better for not having written in so long. The only exciting thing I have to say is that I finally registered for all my 2nd year courses today and I'm so looking forward to it. Here's what it looks like:

- Principles of Ecology and Evolution
- Life on Land: Animals (I'm skipping the plants one for now, botany and I aren't friends)
- Life in the Sea
- The Physical Environment
- Contemporary Urban Challenges
- Principles of Oceanography
- Bionumeracy (just stats really but I thought I'd make it sound more appealing)

All in all I'm VERY excited. I have high expectations of ecology and the physical environment so I hope I haven't just been building it up. Oceanography also should be challenging but interesting.

Here's to a fresh year in Cape Town and to finally studying what I'm passionate about after 13 years of foundation :)

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