28 December 2010

Birding | Twitching in Punjab

We went to my dad's old village, Preetnagar today for my great grandfather's death anniversary. I took the trip to the countryside as another birding opportunity - there's always things to see in the Punjabi mustard and wheat fields :) Plus it saved me from some awkward interaction in broken Punjabi with people I didn't know I was related to.

I've just realised a pretty basic trick for amateur birding - why bother trying to identify the bird when it's in front of you when you can just take a picture and zoom in on it later and take all the time with your book that you need? I'm probably really late in figuring out how much easier it is that way...although if the bird's far and your zoom isn't brilliant then it's a bit difficult. I'm struggling to figure out which wagtails I got (if they even are wagtails).

Saw the basic stuff - red-vented bulbul, cattle egret, pond heron, black-winged stilt, jungle babbler, Eurasian hoopoe, white-throated kingfisher, black drongo, red-wattled lapwing and some exciting things - spotted owlet (been wanting to see an owl for ages now) and some lifers - white-breasted waterhen, white wagtail and some others which I'm still busy identifying.. Oh and, quick follow up on my doubts from the previous post on birding in Harike Pattan - they are bank mynas, not common ones, keen to get a good photo :)

Anywho I'm very chuffed with today's finds, totally wasn't expecting them :)

spotted owlet - total fluke :D

white-breasted waterhen
funny and mysterious little one

indian pond heron
(because of BIO1004S I was even curious about what the worm may have been :S)

pretty little cattle egret

Eurasian hoopoe doing odd things

Off to cross the border into Lahore tomorrow :)

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