20 December 2010


Currently sitting in a freezing office on an exceptionally cold Delhi winter morning, listening to Sigur Ros (typical, yes) in one ear and listening to WWF-India happenings in the other. It is cold. Bhavna's away in Mumbai for a bit this week which means not much work or responsbility for me :/ A lot of time to kill between little jobs. Maybe I'll catch up on finishing the South African part of my life list - one of my current little missions. The other mission I'm on is to start building a collection of nature documentary DVDs. I really need to stop getting so excited about it, but I can't help it, they keep doing marathons on TV. Have you SEEN Nat Geo's Great Migration series? It's magnificent. There's truly nothing better than stunning HD wildlife footage. It reminds me of when DStv was just launching HD and they had that one HD channel with these amazing mini-documentaries (if you ever get the chance, watch this one called Beavers. I don't think I need to explain what it's about). Anyway, I'll start my collection with the basics - David Attenborough's Planet Earth :) Oh and I need my own genuine copy of 11th Hour with the extra features and all.

Aside from that I'm currently concerned about the future of my degree. I've passed first year (including chem = miracle), but the options for 2nd and 3rd year are too much to narrow down. I think I'm only majoring in EGS for the sake of the label and being able to go into climate related work later on. Otherwise in terms of what I'd like to do, I'd be better off with Applied Biology or Ecology and Evolution. Choices choices. I'm probably ok for 2nd year (apart from this one terrible EGS to do with urbanisation in a South African context. I really don't enjoy human geography :/), but if I did even half of the courses that appeal to me for 3rd year it would probably mean 1 or 2 extra years at UCT. And all this is not even counting honours :S

Back to WWF though, I realised that in my Interning post I forgot to mention the Earth Hour meeting. Basically the start of WWF-India's planning committee for their Earth Hour 2011 campaign. This year WWF's going from just the 60 to 60+ - going beyond the hour. So you switch off your lights and do something else to make a difference. After the meeting I had to put a slide on Earth Hour into my powerpoint. While doing a bit of research I found that the Top Gear host (I always forget his name, something Clarkson), is such a skeptic that he turned on all the appliances in his house during the hour. He reckons Earth Hour's a totally pointless exercise that makes no difference whatsoever to the cause of climate change awareness and mitigation. Douche of note.

Anyway, now I must research which non-CDP signatory companies in India have undertaken footprint mapping :) If there's any advice I have for office interns, it's simple - be a beast with google, it gets you far. (And maybe have access to otherwise restricted online resources/journals thanks to your university, always a bonus - shot Kyran)

Oh and did I mention I want to one day be a WWF CEO? Just saying. Dreaming big is always nice and WWF-India's CEO Ravi Singh is cool.

I'll leave you with a little inspiration, reminds me of this one bit in Inconvenient Truth when Al Gore goes all motivational.

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