04 December 2010

Species Conservation | Freeland Foundation

This is a post dedicated to awareness on the illegal wildlife trade in 2010, the International Year for Biodiversity. One of the most lucrative businesses in the world, after drug, human and arms trafficking. If it continues at its current rate, we'll be left with nothing and the world's ecosystems will collapse. There are few (if any) things in the world that anger me more.

It's also dedicated to the brave individuals across the globe who help fight the heartless poachers stripping the worlds forests and oceans of their wildlife. I've always had immense respect for organisations like TRAFFIC and Wildlife Alliance who do so much great work at the grassroots and make a real and tangible difference to our biodiversity. If you haven't seen Crime Scene Wild on Animal Planet (not sure if they still show it, if not, hunt (excuse the pun) for it). I recently discovered another organisation, the Freeland Foundation, formed by Wildlife Alliance and Crime Scene Wild's Steve Galster - a hero of mine ever since I saw his underground investigation of the trade in shark fins in Southeast Asia. This post is also to help spread their message :)

This post feels a bit cheesy.

(pictures from the Guardian and Freeland websites)

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