12 September 2010

Short on money, long on time

Aside from a degree and driver’s license, here are three things that are part of my five year plan:
- PADI Open Water Course
- FGASA Course at Mabula
- Climb Kilimanjaro
Ok so maybe the last one’s a little random but it’s happening. Maybe not in the next five years, but definitely before all the ice is gone.
Oh and another resolution – at least one game drive every six months in order to stay sane. Last week's visit to Mabula has put that in perspective. While we're on that topic - I saw the most amazing lion sighting I've had in four years of going there. The two big male brothers were at the side of the road to begin with, so we had a look and then thought we'd try look for the rest of the pride. After no luck finding the females we went to go have another look at the males by which point they'd moved. So we were driving along the road parallel to the one where they were earlier. We couldn't see them and then suddenly out of nowhere they ran out from behind us and the one was chasing the other. It was very dramatic, you could see all the dust they'd kicked up and hear them growling at each other. Definitely made my year :) That and the fact that I saw my first wild serval :)
Enough of that though, here are things all of you should do:
- Take reusable bags to the groceries. It’s not always easy to remember, but it feels good when you do :D
- Get yourself a resurrection bush - look at it when it’s deprived of moisture then watch it transform when you stick it in some water. That is how you appreciate nature and evolution.
- Listen to Xavier Rudd :) That's the song that cheered me up when we went to the glacier (lack thereof) at Sonamarg in July (still must blog on that)
One more thing I should say as somewhat of a follow-up – judging by the reports from Sea Shepherd’s team in Taiji right now, the annual dolphin hunt at the infamous Cove seems to have gotten off to an unsuccessful start. The dolphin herding and killing begins every year around September 1st and so far, the dolphins have been pretty lucky :)
And this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t go on one small ranting tangent – I bought a note pad from the UCT shop today and just discovered it’s made by “Tree Line Products”. Really? How is that a suitable name? I read it and think ‘great, so the cost of this is the tree line of a forest?’ Hmm, thanks guys.

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