02 September 2010

James Jay Lee

I'm going to dedicate this post to James Lee. Of course I don't mean "dedicate" in an overly fond way because I don't fully support him. But his basic message does sort of deserve a bit of respect.

James Lee entered the headquarters of the Discovery network in Maryland this week with various weapons etc., took hostages and threatened to take people's lives:

His point? Discovery doesn't show enough programmes encouraging people to take action over the environmental crisis. Here's a link to the site he made, listing his demands to Discovery Communications:

It's shocking. I'd laugh, except for the fact that he nearly killed people over it.
Focus must be given on how people can live WITHOUT giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution

I've tried to spread similar messages (as in programming messages, not rants about human filth) myself, emailed Animal Planet with programming suggestions, been called a fundamentalist, all of it - but jesus, even after watching The Cove or 11th Hour I don't go on rants full of such violent nonsense. Even worse - does he really think Discovery's gonna solve the whole problem? Not exactly policy-makers are they? And his whole thing about inventing - I've seen some BRILLIANT stuff on Discovery about new renewable energy sources. Fine maybe not enough, but then rather just have one simple demand - create a new channel SOLELY dedicated to such programmes, but even then, they sort of have. The whole point of Animal Planet as well is about appreciation of nature - create that and you have people who want to protect the planet. Such needless anger and violence, I don't commend. I'm curious about this guy though. His life, his background. Seemed intriguing...

But I'll say this, he's wrong on his views about "human filth", but if you really think about it, almost every problem in the world does come down to human overpopulation. If Chinese communist 1-child policies aren't the answer, then what is? Because it doesn't feel like education and family counseling is working all that well...

Lee was an idiot, but I dig his passion for the planet. On that note only, I'll say rest in peace James Lee. But you were quite the nutter. If you didn't like Discovery's programming, then darling, you could've subscribed to Nat Geo. Quite unnecessary death and drama.

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