25 September 2010


I've spent much of this afternoon trying to find ways to make this blog exciting, pretty and worthy of reading.. Added some links on the side. One lot is a whole bunch of sites where I get a lot of my news and random articles from, the other lot is a list of organisations' websites that you should browse through, look at the campaigns and get involved with. The whole page is still work in progress though.

I should probably also add that the photo credits go either to my sister or me and Google.

In terms of actual blogging, unless I come up with a sudden topic to rant on (like that last one :P), there's actually not much to write on. But here's the mental to-blog-on list, let's call it a taste of what's to come: the paradox of dissections for education on biodiversity, ecological engineering, climate skepticism, COP 16 in Mexico, EDGE, rhino poaching in South Africa, ecotourism and last year's plans of an NGO (which I think I should find a way to copyright before I post it on here :P).

The next couple of months will be pretty quiet because of exams, but at the end of November I'll be back in India. This means copious amounts of interning, volunteering and free time to sit and make NGOs. Get ready :)

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