23 August 2010

The Cove

I finally watched The Cove last night and have hence again worked up that anger that makes me  want to take action. So I'm going to blog. It is a little pointless but hell, if anyone looks at it and reads something they didn't know then I rate it's worth it. I'll just post links, stories, random thoughts and stuff.

I've just seen a film that's changed my life and I believe everyone else should watch it too. I've been told a few times now "why would you want to watch something so gory like that?" It's not about the shock value, it's about the message, the issue and the ethics (or lack thereof) behind it. There are also people who disagree with the concept of "shockumentaries" like these that almost force the issue on you. That's the wrong way to look at it. Because that's the whole point of creating awareness. If it's done in a sensationalist manner, then it's only to make the message that much stronger.

From the moment it starts you find that you're just waiting because the whole thing is just this massive build up to something you wish was just a horror movie. The fact that it's all reality hits you somewhere halfway and you realise, this is just the beginning. When they're going through with the whole operation and you anticipate what they're about to catch on film, it gets you feeling sick right in the stomach. Then it suddenly switches from a narrative about the issue to the actual footage and it is just horrifying. It evokes the most indescribable anger and shock imaginable.

Watch it. Just watch it. Nothing in the world can prepare you for it, but once you see it, it's worth it. Worth it - coming from me, the one who watched the whole thing with one hand over my mouth and the other reaching for tissues.

If you live on this planet, then you care for it. You don't allow things like The Cove to happen. And when it does, you end it. So watch it, don't eat dolphin meat, don't in anyway endorse Taiji and take a stand against captive dolphins.

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